Glue Outer Diameter Machine

The purpose of this machine is to apply a few line of glue over external diameter of singular inox cage.

M/s Gudhi Engineering has developed a special purpose machine for DUCATI to apply a few line of glue over external diameter of singular Inox cage.

The Inox cage is put over, by hand, the special interface (centre in internal diameter of Inox Cage) that is read to start in home position.

When push the start button, the nozzle by pneumatic system go very near to the external diameter of Inox gage withour touch it (work position).

The pnematic pressures inside of storage glue is always present but only when the head is in work position the piston valve get open by pneumatic system. The rotation of the Inox cage starts, exactly one turns and it applies the lines of Glue on Outer Diameter of the Inox Cage.

When the 1 turns is finish the valve close and after the head go in back position.

Control Panel : PLC based Electro-pneumatic control panel is provided. The panel is designed as per the Indian Electrical Standard norms. The entire machine is operated vide Touchscreen provided on the machine.


Fully Automatic

Single Unit Compact Design

Machine is constructed with Aluminum sectional frame

Highly Precise

Alarms, Interlocks and Safety operation.


The Glue Outer Diameter Machine is used in Automobile Industry