Dynamic Testing RIG

The purpose of this machine, developed by Gudhi Engineering for DUCATI is to test the Magneto with respect to voltage and current. The Magneto assembly is prepared outside the machine and fixed on the mechanical interface that has a suitable hardened shaft and nut. A variable speed induction motor rotates the magneto .The magneto is tested at low speed (1,500RPM ) and high speed (3000RPM)
The resulting connection points on the rotating magneto are then connected to the indicator that will indicate the DC voltage, DC current generated by the magneto at different resistance and also the AC voltage generated by excitation coil.

Control Panel : Electric Control panel is provided.The panel is designed as per the Indian Electrical Standard norms.The entire machine is operated vide Push Buttons provided on the machine.


Fully Automatic

Single Unit Compact Design

Machine is constructed with Sq. Pipe Frame

Highly Precise

Interlocks and Safety operation


The Dynamic Test Rig is widely used in Automobile Industry