Automatic Stator Coil Impregnation Machine

Gudhi Engineering ha developed a special purpose machine for DUCATI to simultaneously impregnate three stator windings of fly wheel magnetos with a specific resin. Each stator is prepared outside the machine and wired on a mechanical interface having a suitable but fixed three way quick connection system that snaps in to the main rotating shaft.The stator rotates by means of a variable speed brushless or stepper motor. The drives to all stators are operated by means of belt and pulley.
The stators are heated to defined temperatures Impregnation is performed by dipping them into an impregnation tank that is filled with heated resin. Impregnation is carried out when the stators are rotating. This operation achieves uniform impregnation level independent of impregnation time and stator volumes. After impregnation, curing is performed at a suitable current word.

Control Panel : PLC & SCADA based Electro-pneumatic control panel is provided. The panel is designed as per the Indian Electrical Standard norms. The entire machine is operated vide mini laptop provided on the machine.


Fully Automatic

Single Unit Compact Design

Machine is constructed with Aluminum sectional frame

Highly Precise

The machine is operated for as many recipes as require

Total data logging of the process

Alarms, Interlocks and Safety operation


The Stator Winding Impregnation Machine is used in Automobile Industry.