Jet Mill (Micronizer)

Air Jet Mill Micronizer is machine that effectively reduces particle size by particle to particle collusions with limited metal to product contact and no generation of heat.


  • Particle size reduction from 100 micron to less than5 micron
  • Used for crystalline, amorphous, or agglomerated products, colour pigments, heat sensitive products etc.
  • Also used for hard meterial milling such as ceramic and glass etc.


  • Compliane to Indian FDA and USFDA rules and in accordance with cGMP specification
  • Flameproof and Non Flameproof Construction.
  • Fully Automatic
  • Single Unit Compact Design
  • Short path for product conveyance
  • Portable Unit
  • Easy to clean and Operate
  • Digital controller
  • Precise Pressure control with FAIL- SAFE
  • Pneumatic Bag shaking