Dust Collector System

Dust is generated during powder transfer, as well as charging and discharging powder from various machines.This dust remains as suspended particles in the area. If not effectively removed, this dust fall on the floor on the floor on into the machine itself or gets conveyed to the return duct/ raisers which in turn chokes filters and damages the cooling coils in the air recirculation system. It also creates unhealthy working conditions with the treat of cross contamination of the products. The Dust collector system sucks dust along with air through suction hoods and it is then conveyed through a branch pipe into the hopper of the dust collector.


  • The Pulse Jet Dust Collector is widely used in the Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Colour, Cosmetics and Food Industry


  • Efficient
  • Single Unit, Sturdy Design
  • Digital Controller
  • Pbeumatic Bag Shaking